With more and more people wanting to cut the cord and use streaming alternatives to cable, Alter Ego has recently expanded it’s focus on home entertainment. While we still offer traditional networked media solutions such as Plex servers, we’ve have also acquired KodiTalk.tv to bring the best streaming experience to any household with a high-speed internet connection.

KodiTalk takes all of the searching and guesswork out of setting up streaming home entertainment. With dozens of how-to guides, centralized download locations and support for multiple devices, the tools we provide put an unbelievable amount of content at your fingertips. KodiTalk offers a 400+ channel lineup, almost any movie or TV show on demand, and every sports package, including PPV events. The best part is that the average household can usually save nearly $100 per month by cutting the cord.

Let Alter Ego and KodiTalk transform your home entertainment experience, and show you how streaming can change the way you view TV forever. For a free consultation/demo, please reach out via our Contact Us page, or visit KodiTalk.tv for more info.